12/29/2014 02:50 EST | Updated 02/28/2015 05:59 EST

Hippo dies after jumping out of truck in Taiwan

A hippopotamus that was injured after jumping out of a truck in Taiwan last week has died, and prosecutors have been asked to look into the case, AFP reported on Monday. 

The animal, named A Ho, broke a leg and a tooth in the accident. The driver of the truck said he slammed on the brakes while transporting the hippo on Friday, which may have frightened it and caused the animal to jump. 

The container holding the hippo was also dropped from a height of two metres as it was being taken back to the farm for the treatment of its injuries. 

A local official in Taichung city, Chen Ming-hui, told AFP that he has asked prosecutors to examine the case and the farm has been ordered to improve the management of the other animals kept there. The AFP said the owner could face up to a year in jail.