12/29/2014 08:13 EST | Updated 02/28/2015 05:59 EST

New Year's resolutions: Did you make any? Break any?

We asked you if you made any New Year's resolutions going into 2014 and, perhaps more importantly, whether they're set to outlast the year. A few of our readers' responses are posted below. 

Pledging to get more exercise and eat healthy are popular choices — but for 2015, some people have instead resolved to de-stress and focus on work/life balance. 

"Everyone's busy with work, busy at home," said Erin Young of the retail site, which conducted a recent survey about New Year's resolutions. (Click the video to see the whole story.) 

"It's busy busy busy — and people need to take the time to step back and relax a bit and smell the roses as they say," Young said. 

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