12/29/2014 08:00 EST | Updated 02/28/2015 05:59 EST

Pointe-Sainte-Charles seniors targeted by mugger

Residents of a seniors apartment building in Pointe-Saint-Charles say a mugger in the area is targeting the elderly. 

Irene Colangelo. a 95-year-old woman who lives in Cité des Bâtisseurs, had her wallet stolen a few days before Christmas.

Colangelo, who is on a fixed income, was waiting for the bus to go the grocery store when a man asked her if she had change for $100.

She told him she did.

“He says, ‘show me the money.’ So me, stupid me, I show him the money,” she recalled.

Colangelo said the man followed her onto the bus and when they got off at Charlevoix metro, he attacked her.

“So he grabbed me by the shoulder like that and he say give me your money or something's gonna happen... so I got scared I took the money and I give it to him,” she said.

Collection started

Colangelo, who uses a walker, made it the three blocks to the grocery store and asked for help.

She hasn't left her apartment since.

“Because I'm so nervous, at night I put a chair at the door that... I'm still scared,” she said.

Led by friend Darleen Marchand, Colangelo's neighbours have taken up a collection for her.

They say at least one other senior has been approached by a man who fits the description of Colangelo's mugger. She said he was wearing a black hoodie, smoked and spoke French. 

Colangelo has filed a report with Montreal police.