12/29/2014 18:37 EST | Updated 02/28/2015 05:59 EST

The Interview to screen in some Canadian theatres

At least one cinema chain will be screening The Interview in selected theatres across the country.

Magic Lantern Theatres, which also owns Rainbow Cinemas, will be showing the controversial movie in five locations — Ottawa, Toronto, Regina, Saskatoon and Peace River, Alta., beginning Jan. 2. 

"The fact that it's being shown in those centres only has nothing to do with anything other than screen availability," said Tom Hutchinson, a spokesman for Magic Lantern Theatres. 

He said when Sony Pictures announced that it would be pulling the film, Magic Lantern Theatres had to fill in the gaps in their cinemas with other films. 

Asked why they are screening the film, Hutchinson said: "I would turn that around the other way. What would have made us decide not to? It's sort of B-grade comedy that some of our audiences like."

He added that they have no security concerns.

Sony pulled the movie after hackers linked to North Korea threatened violence if the movie was screened and major theatre chains, out of security concerns, decided not to show the film.

Sony then released the film online and authorized the release of the movie to some 200 independent U.S. theatres with screenings beginning on Christmas Day.

Sony Pictures said on Sunday that the The Interview had been purchased or rented online more than two million times, generating more than $15 million US in the first four days after the comedy's wide theatrical release was shelved.