12/30/2014 10:57 EST | Updated 12/31/2014 12:59 EST

Epic Champagne-Sabering Fail Caught On Live TV

Global BC

Don’t try this at home.

On Tuesday, a tutorial intended to teach viewers how to safely lop off the top of a champagne bottle went horribly wrong on live television – twice.

Bottle in one hand and knife in the other, Four Seasons Vancouver wine director Emily Walker turned to Global News BC host Steve Darling to guide him through the art of sabering.

“The thing is, it’s not about sharpness,” she explained. “So it’s not about cutting the class. It’s just about hitting that point – nice and firmly – and following through.”

Using the back of a chef’s knife, Walker clipped the annulus – the glass lip at the top of the bottle’s neck – which triggered a champagne supernova of sorts.

“OK. Well, I think this makes for good TV,” she said, in shock and drenched in champagne. “I’ve never had that happen ever.”

It was then Darling’s turn, but he didn’t have any luck sabering the bottle open either. But despite another explosion of bubbles and glass (and two still-empty champagne flutes), Darling found a silver lining.

“Well the good news is I was about to send this to the cleaners anyway” he quipped.

Watch the full demonstration below:

For those still curious about sabering champagne, watch Alton Brown's video here.


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