12/31/2014 02:33 EST | Updated 03/02/2015 05:59 EST

Bill Cosby tour: London mayor shares 'concerns' with show opponents

London Mayor Matt Brown says he shares the "concerns" being voiced by people who are opposed to comedian Bill Cosby performing a show in his city on Jan. 8 at Budweiser Gardens. 

"I understand that many people across our community and across North America have strong concerns about the performance at Budweiser Gardens. I share those concerns," he wrote in a short email to media on Tuesday. 

"I have looked into it and learned, as is the case with several other entertainment venues in Ontario, the promoter or operator is responsible for its contracts with those scheduled to perform and only they can cancel a show."

The venue has said the performance will go ahead as scheduled. The London Abused Women's Centre and local labour leaders have said they plan to demonstrate at Budweiser Gardens when Cosby performs. 

Brown's statement comes after film director Judd Apatow criticized Budweiser Gardens and Kitchener's Centre in the Square for hosting the comedian, who is facing multiple allegations of sexual assault from more than 15 women. None of the allegations have been proven in court and Cosby is not facing any criminal charges.

Cosby is scheduled to perform at Kitchener's Centre in the Square on Jan. 7 and on Jan. 9 at Hamilton Place Theatre.