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New Year's Resolutions For The B.C. Government, As Suggested By You

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B.C. Premier Christy Clark is wrapping up 2014 as one of Canada's least popular premiers.

So that got us thinking: What could she and the rest of the B.C. government do to make citizens happier in 2015?

We asked our Facebook followers for their resolutions for the provincial government, and the suggestions that came back had recurring themes related to affordability, energy, and sustainability.

"Invest in the potential and well-being of its citizenry by moving away from being a resource-based economy based on exploiting our natural resources and polluting our environment to a knowledge-based economy based on ingenuity, focused on solving the big problems we and the world face today with our energy needs and food security," wrote Dave For.

Debbie Ross-Fisher said the government should "push the 'pause' button and take a long, slow look at the disaster you are creating. Stop gambling on the future possibilities...We simply can't afford it!"

For Cheyenne Arnason, it's about finding "a way to lower our cost of living. I'm fortunate to have a good career, but people can't even come close to surviving on minimum wage here."

See more resolutions for B.C.'s government, as suggested by you:

2015 Resolutions For B.C.'s Government

Got another resolution for the B.C. government? Let us know in the comments.

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