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Most read B.C. stories of 2014

This is your list — in a way. From the teachers' strike to a possible Sasquatch sighting in Squamish, here's what readers found interesting on our site.

We crunched the numbers and have put together a list of the top 14 most read stories on And if we haven't already said, thanks for reading us!

1. B.C. teachers' strike: BCTF recommends accepting 6-year deal

The story: Following a lengthy strike, the B.C. Teachers' Federation recommended its members accept the tentative six-year offer. A deal of that length had never been reached with teachers before in the province.

The quote: "We have … reached an historic six-year agreement with teachers," said B.C. Premier Christy Clark.

2. BMO customer's account emptied of $87K as bank falls for scam

The story: The Bank of Montreal has reimbursed one of its customers following a CBC Go Public story about how the bank wired $87,555 of his inheritance money into the hands of a scammer. 

The quote: “For 50 years they saved that money and then it’s gone — overnight.”

3. Trinity Western grad 'attacked' for being Christian in job rejection

The story: Bethany Paquette, a Trinity Western University graduate, says she was “attacked” over her religion by a Norwegian wilderness tourism company, just for applying for a job.

The quote: "It did really hurt me and I did feel really attacked on the basis that I'm a Christian," Paquette said.

As more women who received bizarre and inappropriate responses to their job applications to wilderness company Amaruk come forward, efforts to reach the company's CEO have left CBC News questioning whether the business and its jobs even exist.

4. Shootings at Western Forest Products sawmill in Nanaimo leaves 2 dead

The story: A former employee has been arrested after two people were shot and killed and two were injured at the Western Forest Products sawmill in Nanaimo, B.C. in April.

5. Vancouver shootings: 3 wounded in Yaletown, Science World

The story: A brazen shooting in Yaletown followed by shootout at Science World that left one police officer and a suspect wounded.

6. B.C. randonneur cyclist, shot during Cache Creek 600

The story: A 59-year-old Burnaby man was shot and seriously injured in June near Spences Bridge, B.C., while taking part in a randonneur road cycling event.

The quote: "The seriousness of this offence and potential randomness is very concerning to us," police said at the time.

7. B.C. teachers to begin full-scale strike Tuesday

The story: The B.C. Teachers' Federation told its members it will serve notice of a full-scale strike after 86 per cent voted in favour of escalating their job action.

The quote: "We believe that a small, but important window to negotiate a fair deal exists and we want to take every opportunity to get that deal."

8. Simushir, fuel-laden Russian cargo ship, under tow off Haida Gwaii

​The story: The Canadian Coast Guard vessel managed to secure a line and tow the incapacitated Russian cargo ship Simushir away from the Haida Gwaii coast.

9. Negative online reviews led to threats of legal action from targeted businesses

​The story: It's just an opinion, right? But if you post it online, you could get some unwanted attention from lawyers.  A growing number of companies are going after people who post negative reviews online.

The quote: "There's no question that there's a chilling effect. If people get letters from lawyers, they right away say, ‘I shouldn't be doing this," said a cyber security expert.

10. Travel insurance doesn't pay for these bank customers

​The story: Three customers who bought travel insurance from Canadian banks are outraged after being left with large foreign medical bills.

The quote: “They’re like a good gambler that never loses,” said Cyrus Derakhshan of Oakville, Ont. He fought RBC over a $16,500 claim denial for his 70-year-old mother. “For them it’s ‘Heads I win, tails you lose.'"

11. 'Baby Iver' born healthy, body of mother Robyn Benson dies

​The story: Robyn Benson, the Victoria woman who was declared brain-dead in 2013, underwent surgery in February to deliver a healthy baby boy before she died the next day. 

12. Jordan Subban not holding a grudge over Vancouver Sun 'dark guy' caption

The story: Vancouver Canuck prospect Jordan Subban said he believes a caption published in the Vancouver Sun that identified him as "the dark guy in the middle" was a "pretty honest mistake" and that he's moving on and focusing on hockey. 

13. B.C. teachers' strike: Union rejects premier's demand to suspend strike

The story: B.C. Premier Christy Clark waded into teachers' strike, calling on teachers to suspend their strike, reduce their demands and return to the bargaining table.

LIVE BLOG: CBC reporter Jason Proctor with the Premier and the teacher's reaction

14.  B.C. hiker films possible sasquatch in mountains near Squamish

The story: A B.C. man who claims he filmed a possible sasquatch while hiking in the Tantalus Range near Squamish, B.C. two years ago got thousands of hits on YouTube after uploading the footage.