01/03/2015 05:57 EST | Updated 03/05/2015 05:59 EST

Surrey man shot dead in Delta, B.C. driveway

Delta Police are investigating a targeted shooting that left one man dead on Friday night. 

Neighbours told CBC News they heard multiple shots that sounded like fireworks followed by a car, or cars, driving away.

Police were called to a home in the 11800 block of 75A Ave in Delta around 8:20 p.m. PT.

"Our members found a male had been shot and died as a result of his injuries," said Delta Police Sgt. Sarah Swallow. "He is a 24-year-old Surrey man. He doesn’t live at the house. He was visiting friends here." 

Swallow said police don't believe the public is at risk, although people who live in the area will be justifiably concerned.

"I mean bullets don’t stop if they miss their intended target," she said. "They keep going."

"So that is something we are always concerned about — violence on the street. It’s a disregard for safety. It’s a disregard for other people in the neighbourhood."

Neighbours said they heard multiple, "pop, pop, pops," that sounded like fireworks. Earlier reports said the man was in a car in the driveway when he was shot, but Swallow could not confirm that.

Delta resident Kirsten Hedberg said the shooting is too close to home.

"My mom lives two-and-a-half blocks up the way and I’m going, 'Oh oh,' we were supposed to head up and visit last night, and I’m kinda glad we didn’t, because we would have been walking home at precisely that time."

"My kids go to school at the end of this street. This is scary. It's very scary."

Swallow said the home is known to police.

"We do know the house," she said. "It is known to us and we have been here before for various different incidents."

"Part of our investigation will be to talk to everybody at the house and find out what connections there are, or what people from the house, or even the neighbourhood can share with us about what has happened, or what they know or have seen."

MAP: 11800 block of 75A Avenue, Delta, B.C.