01/05/2015 02:26 EST | Updated 01/05/2015 02:59 EST

What To Wear For Your Engagement Photos

Are you one of the many people who got engaged over the holidays? Then you're going to want to start thinking about what to wear for your engagement photos.

Engagement photos are important for setting the tone of your wedding, meaning that you're going to want your pictures to be perfect, while still reflecting you.

Aside from having a great photographer and a scenic location, the clothes are what can make or break your photos. Remember: you want to feel comfortable so you can move around and strike different poses, but you also want to complement what your fiancé/fiancée is wearing.

The good news is that unlike most wedding photos, you can be as casual or as dressed-up as you want! So, we've come up with a few tips to help you nail your engagement photos.

  • Dress For Your Surroundings
    Posing in the snow? Ditch the heels for something a bit more weather-appropriate. On a beach? Get comfy in a jumper or cute shorts. Just remember to dress according to your surroundings so you're comfortable. (And so you don't hurt yourself!)
  • Wear A Hint Of Your Wedding
    Obviously don't wear your wedding dress (if you even have it at this point) but it's still ok to channel your big day in a fun white dress for engagement photos.
  • Show Off Your Tattoos (If You Have Them)
    Many brides feel as if they should cover up their tattoos on their big day, but your engagement photos are all about showing off your true style. Case in point: wear an outfit that shows off your tats in all their glory!
  • Wear A Great Pair Of Shoes
    Make your photos pop with a great pair of shoes, whether they're your favourite designer pumps or a worn-in pair of Converse. Let your personality show through your soles!
  • Don't Forget To Accessorize
    Your engagement ring shouldn't be the only bling you wear in your engagement photos. Throw on a statement bangle or necklace, or even a piece of jewelry that your mom or mother-in-law has given you.
  • Show Off Your Favourite Assets
    Love your legs? Wear something short. Have killer biceps? Wear something sleeveless. You will feel most confident when you're showing off your favourite assets.
  • Bring A Prop
    If you're going for something casual, brighten things up with a prop such as a cut-out heart. Not only will this give you more posing options, but it can be a fun way to make your photo shoot unique and playful.
  • Don't Over-Dress If You Don't Want To
    You're going to be dressed to the nines on your wedding day, so why not make things easier on yourself for your engagement photos? If you wear a big gown with your hair and makeup all done you probably won't feel that comfortable or natural. A big ball gown (or a mini-dress) will also limit your poses (ie. your other half won't be able to pick you up easily). Instead, opt for something that will let you move about effortlessly.
  • But By All Means, Go Glam If That's Your Style
    Maybe you don't like jeans or you want your photos to be more glamourous. If so, wear something elegant and stylish, as if you're headed off to a fabulous party. A cocktail dress in a rich hue or a bold maxi with a vibrant print will look gorgeous in photographs.
  • Complement Your Partner
    The days of matching your partner are over but a little bit of coordination can't hurt. While you don't want to dress exactly alike, it's ok to have the same colour scheme (maybe you wear a white dress and he wears a white shirt) or wear colours that flatter each other (pastels together, prints together, etc). These can make for gorgeous photos that are cohesive and pretty.
  • Pick Clothes That You're Both Comfortable In
    Don't force your man into a tuxedo or your woman into a formal gown if that's not what you're used to wearing every day. If you want photos that are spontaneous, fun and reflective of who you are as a couple, wear something that you would wear normally so that you're comfortable and at ease during the photo shoot.

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