01/05/2015 06:00 EST | Updated 03/07/2015 05:59 EST

#New2MTL: Choosing to make Montreal home

Marc Delesclefs, Sally Green and their two young boys had never stepped foot in Quebec, let alone in Canada, before uprooting their lives and moving across the Atlantic to Montreal.

What they knew about the city, they had learned on the internet and through word of mouth. But they had a hunch the city would be a good fit, and would offer a reprieve from their busy lives in London, England.

A few short months later, their children are learning French and despite the initial struggle, the couple already consider themselves Québécois.

Theirs is one of many stories CBC Montreal will bring you as we ring in the new year with a series about the people who made this city their home this year. 

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Every day this week, we will meet a new Montrealer who packed up their life and moved across borders.

They came for a variety of reasons — for better education for their children, to live in a safer environment, to find a job, to join Montreal’s booming start-up scene and to take advantage of the city's growing services, like the Bixi bike-share system.

The number of newcomers choosing Quebec has slowed over the past few years. The latest figures from the Quebec Statistics Institute show the province welcomed 3,000 fewer immigrants in 2013 than it did the year before.

But those who are coming are largely young, highly educated, eager to work, and most of them settling in Montreal, Laval and Longueuil.

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