01/06/2015 06:57 EST | Updated 03/08/2015 05:59 EDT

Alberta auditor to review how province sets health project priorities: NDP

EDMONTON - Alberta's auditor general has agreed to an NDP request to investigate how the government sets priorities on when new health facilities are built.

NDP Leader Rachel Notley made the request after accusing the Progressive Conservatives of making such decisions based on partisan politics.

She says it appears the government is understating the condition of some existing hospitals and moving projects up the priority list to benefit some PC members of the legislature.

Notley says the building of new hospitals and other facilities should based on need and decisions on clear information made available to the public.

She says Auditor General Merwyn Saher has committed to reviewing the government's capital planning processing.

Notley says with the slumping price of oil and budgets tight, she is pleased Saher has agreed to take a sharp look at health infrastructure.

"This is an issue that has serious implications for the health of Albertans," Notley said Tuesday.

"It appears that the PC's are both understating the condition of disrepair of hospitals and in some cases using their power to move projects up the priority lost in order to benefit the political interests of PC caucus members at the expense of the health of those living in more needy communities."

Saher denied a separate NDP request to audit the expenses of people who served in former premier Alison Redford's cabinet. (The Canadian Press, CHED)