01/06/2015 12:12 EST | Updated 03/07/2015 05:59 EST

Dorito ads featuring flying pig, selfish sneezers nab local filmmakers Super Bowl trip

A flying pig and sneezing nacho chip eaters are two of the top entries chosen by Doritos for a competition that will profile the winning 30-second ads during the Super Bowl.

The two Vancouver entries were the only Canadians to win a coveted spot among 10 finalists in the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Contest.

Selfish Sneezers by Devon Ferguson and Graham Talbot's submission When Pigs Fly were selected among nearly 4,900 submissions from 29 countries. The field was narrowed from a pool of 29 semifinalists to the final 10 announced on Monday.

Two of the ads will air during the Feb. 1 game which is seen by an estimated 100 million audience, The winner will get the chance to also win a  $1 million US prize and a job for a year at Universal Pictures.

Graham Talbot, who worked on the 30-second When Pigs Fly commercial with his twin brother Nelson, both film graduates from SFU, said the idea for a flying pig came about after hours of brainstorming.

"Our commercial is about a little boy who wants Doritos and he has to make pigs fly in order to get it," said Talbot, 25. 

The twin brothers said they studied what Doritos wanted and geared their idea towards a formula that included kids and animals. They made the commercial in the basement of their parents' Maple Ridge house.

The pig was a bit problematic as was the unpredictable Metro Vancouver weather.

The commercial called for sunny skies but it was cloudy that day and the pig was uncooperative, wandering off on its own or holding up production by going to the bathroom a lot while the camera rolled. 

All ten finalists get a trip to the Super Bowl where they will watch the game and the commercials from inside a private suite.