01/07/2015 03:09 EST | Updated 03/09/2015 05:59 EDT

5 safety tips for wilderness enthusiasts

Is spending more time in the wilderness one of your New Years resolutions?

Recent events such as the case of missing hiker Liang Jin are a stark reminder of how easy it is to get lost in the woods and on the mountains in B.C.

Outdoor survival expert Mike Nash spoke with B.C. Almanac host Gloria Macarenko about how all outdoor enthusiasts can keep themselves safe in the wilderness.

1. Be alert

Number one at the top of my list is complacency," said Nash.

"It's just as important to be aware of your surroundings when weather conditions are good as when they're not."

2. Don't rely too heavily on technology

"Today's technology provides wonderful options," said Nash.

"But by the same token it's too easy to rely on that."

Nash suggested outdoor explorers be familiar with all of their equipment, including a map and compass.

3. Don't panic

If you do get lost, Nash said it's important to remain calm.

"For almost anybody the first feeling you're going to get is panic. It's what you do with that panic that counts."

4. Take a first aid course

"I would highly recommend that everybody take a first aid course," said Nash.

"The basics that you take away in any first aid course - the assessment that you learn in the first few minutes can apply to any situation in the outdoors."

5. Get experience

"Spend a night out in a controlled situation," said Nash. "It will make all the difference if you're ever in it for real."

Nash suggested joining an outdoor club to gain more experience outdoors. He said there are many clubs available, and most of them will let you join two or three trips before having to pay any fees.