01/08/2015 12:42 EST | Updated 01/08/2015 12:59 EST

80 AMAZING Vintage Elvis Presley Photos To Celebrate The King's 80th Birthday

January 8th would have been Elvis Presley's 80th birthday and we can feel safe in using past-tense because by now there aren't many conspiracy theorists still hoping against hope that The King is alive.

But even 80 years after his birth, Elvis' his music and influence have hardly left the building. In fact, 2015 will mark a lengthy celebration of his legacy, with the launch of, the remastered release of "The Complete '60s Albums Collection" and Spotify's #Elvis80: The Fan Favorites Playlist."

Spotify also created The Elvis Influence, a six degrees of separation-style web app "connecting any artist to Elvis based on artistic influence," and revealed Elvis' most-streamed song is "Suspicious Minds" globally and "Blue Christmas" here in Canada.

For our part, we gathered together 80 amazing vintage Elvis photos that range from his 1953 high school prom and early rockabilly days to his time in the army and then in Hollywood to his badass '68 comeback special and flamboyant Vegas denouement. Plus, there's pics with Priscilla, Sinatra, Liberace, Nixon, six babies and an adorable puppy.

What became clear from assembling these pics is that for those who have only lived in a post-Elvis era, there's a reason why a small-town Tennessee kid became the King of Rock'n'Roll, and that's because for a long while he was simply the coolest man alive.

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