01/07/2015 08:06 EST | Updated 03/09/2015 05:59 EDT

Guy Mirabeau disappearance a mystery Yukon RCMP still hope to solve

Yukon RCMP say they're determined to solve the disappearance of an Ottawa man last summer for the sake of his family.

There's been no sign of Guy Mirabeau, 66, who was last seen when he was dropped off by a charter plane, in the Chain Lakes area, near Mayo in June. He was later reported missing by his family. 

Staff Sgt. Brad Kaeding says an extensive air and ground search for Mirabeau last summer turned up nothing and then a second search was conducted at the end of November. 

"We had some of the original searchers back out in the air doing a flyby of the area to determine if there were any footprints, any sign, any smoke coming from buildings or structures, tents, that sort of thing," Kaeding says.

"At that point there was no sign of him." 

Mirabeau, who is originally from France, has a history in the territory. 

In 1996 he built a cabin on Crown land in a remote part of central Yukon, in the area where he was last seen. He lived there for eight summers before the cabin was discovered by authorities and later destroyed by the Yukon government.

Mirabeau came back to the Yukon in June and disappeared.  

The RCMP say he left communication with his family last spring indicating he may be a danger to himself and he didn't intend to return from the Yukon.

Kaeding says the file remains open.

"It is a little odd," he says. "It's not something you see every day, but it is a mystery we do want to solve for the sake of the family.

"And, you know, for the sake of the investigators as well and the community members who use that area."

Kaeding says officers will talk to local trappers, outfitters and hunters about keeping an eye out.