01/07/2015 10:54 EST | Updated 01/07/2015 10:59 EST

Jared Leto Goes Shirtless To Sell You His Fanny Pack

It's a tried and true ploy, but Jared Leto knows that "sex sells."

Proof: on Monday, the Oscar-winner posted a Twitter photo of himself shirtless and wearing a fanny pack. But not just any fanny pack, no no—a Jared Leto Merch fanny pack!


Well, if his sick abs and luscious ombré locks aren't enough to sway you to purchase a "hip pack" then nothing will.

The "Dallas Buyers Club" actor isn't the only celebrity to try to make the fanny pack happen. Not only did The Rock wear them before everybody else, but Rihanna was also spotted wearing an updated version in purple, designed by Chanel.