01/07/2015 09:04 EST | Updated 03/09/2015 05:59 EDT

Leafs' Roman Polak returns after taking puck to the face

There was a scary moment in the first period for Maple Leafs defenceman Roman Polak, who was cut by a shot unleashed by Washington Capitals forward Troy Brouwer. 

Polak, who doesn't wear a visor, was struck near the mouth while he battled at the side of the Leafs' net. He was cut on the play, leaving a pool of blodd on the ice, and after a few moments was able to make his way to the dressing room.

He returned to play in the second period with a large welt on the side of his face.

Shortly after he returned, Polak did much of the work setting up a goal by Trevor Smith that cut Toronto's deficit to 3-2.

Earlier this season Polak explained why he doesn't wear a visor.