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Morrissey Calls Bullfighter A Serial Killer, 'Delighted' She Was Gored

In this Dec. 28, 2014 photo, Karla de los Angeles, one of Mexico's few female bullfighters, is gored by a bull during a bullfight in Mexico City. The 26-year-old bullfighter who suffered a pair of gashes to the thigh and buttock when she was gored twice by the bull says she is determined to return to the ring by mid-January, two days after she and several others were gored by what she described as a

Thirty years after releasing the classic album "Meat is Murder" with The Smiths, Morrissey is praising a bull for injuring a "serial killer" bullfighter in Mexico City while suggesting the "sport" is comparable to pedophila.

In a recent post entitled "The Shame of Beloved Mexico" on the True-To-You Morrissey fan site, the singer said he "felt delight" in seeing "serial killer Karla de los Angeles justifiably gored in a bullring in Mexico City against her largely defenseless opponent."

The singer -- whose latest album "World Peace Is None Of Your Business" includes a track called "The Bullfighter Dies" -- also added the idea of "bullfighting" doesn't exist.

"For the torment and slaughter of each bull there is an avowed plan and a strict script, so therefor there is no possibility of a contest of any kind," Morrissey wrote. "Yet there is the illusion of contest and action even if the order of events is very efficient -- so efficient, in fact, that whenever the bull 'wins' it is reported that the event has 'gone wrong.'"

The singer added bulls should be allowed to enter the arena as other bullfighters do when one of their compatriots finds "himself similarly in trouble."

BBC News reported the bullfighter was tossed by the bull, called Gamusino, while de los Angeles was going in for the fatal blow at the Plaza Mexico, the world's biggest bullring. A second attempt to kill the roughly 500-kilogram animal resulted in her being gored a second time. The bullfighter received two cuts -- 12 cms and 10 cms long -- to her gluteal and thigh muscles.

Morrissey also slammed the bullfighter for the following remark in a subsequent radio interview: "I am sad because I could not cut off the bull's ear."

"Well, Karla, please understand this: we are sad that the bull did not come away with YOUR ear," Morrissey wrote.

"Most tourist guides still list 'bullfighting' as a sport, yet nothing about the event is sporting," he added. "In actual and undeniable fact, it ought to be listed in travel publications as 'torture' because to the intelligent mind, it does not qualify for any other description. This torture of bulls provides a small degree of employment in Mexico, as does the torture of humans at the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. The fact that some people will pay money to watch bull torture is immaterial because, after all, paedophilia presumably entertains the paedophile, but no one has yet described paedophilia as a sport."

The singer concluded the message by stating de los Angeles and her "co-killers" Hilda Tenorio and Lupita Lopez "represents the very worst aspects of Mexican life, and for 2015 I will all three women the very worst, for the very worst is their rightful due."

Morrissey is currently off the road after wrapping up a European tour in December behind his new studio effort.

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