01/07/2015 03:01 EST | Updated 01/07/2015 10:59 EST

Crowds Across France Hold Up Pens In Moving Demonstrations For Free Speech (PHOTOS)

Enormous crowds are gathering across France to show solidarity with the journalists of Charlie Hebdo and to demonstrate to support freedom of speech. The demonstrations come after an attack on the offices of the satirical magazine that left 12 people dead.

Many of the demonstrators are holding up pens

paris pen 1

paris pen 2

paris pens pile

Others are holding up their press cards

paris pen 3

Students are standing with journalists

paris pen

The crowds in central Paris are enormous

place de la republique

not afraid paris

#JeSuisCharlie has become their rallying cry

place de la republique

paris monument

But the demonstrations are not just in Paris. People have gathered all over France in moving displays of democratic values

In Marseille

amazing marseille


In Lyon

lyon candles

In Toulouse



In Nice

nice france

In Nantes



In Strasbourg



In Bordeaux

In Lille



In Montpellier


And in Rennes

rennes crowd

paris pen

The demonstrations of solidarity have spread to the capitals of Europe

There are crowds in London

london charlie hebdo

london tears

And in Berlin

berlin charlie hebdo

berlin pen

And in Madrid

madrid cry

And in Barcelona

barcelona pens

And in Rome

rome charlie hebdo

And in Amsterdam

Across the capitals of Europe, and the world, people are standing in solidarity with Paris and the staff of Charlie Hebdo.


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