01/07/2015 11:38 EST | Updated 01/07/2015 11:59 EST

Rosamund Pike's Vanity Fair Cover Oozes Glamour

She broke out in 2014's "Gone Girl" and now Rosamund Pike is ready to take on the fashion world thanks to her gorgeous new Vanity Fair cover, shot by Mario Testino.

The actress covers the magazine's Feb. 2015 issue oozing glamour in a white, low-cut top, diamond earrings and swept-back hair.

Inside, the 35-year-old Brit sports the pink ombré Giambattista Valli dress that Lena Dunham made famous at the 2014 Emmys, although Pike opted for a red top as opposed to Dunham's pink version.

In the accompanying interview, the red carpet starlet discusses the famous killing scene in "Gone Girl," which, as Vanity Fair tells it, required 36 sheets, 450 gallons of blood and 36 pairs of underpants.

Pike also talks about studying the late Carolyn Bessette Kennedy—wife of John F. Kennedy Jr.—to play the part of "Amazing Amy."

"I ordered old copies of the Vanity Fair in which [Kennedy] appeared on the cover," Pike says. "I scoured the Internet for any footage of her or, even better, any interviews or recordings which captured her voice. And I realized that David had basically given me a cipher to study. There are countless photographs of Bessette but I could find nothing of her in her own words. And I thought, 'Well, maybe that's fine. Amy, as she wants to be seen, should be created from outside in.'"

Pike adds that she tried to find a way to "own that body language, the self-protective seductiveness, head down, hair falling. I couldn't really read her face, and so I tried to use that quality. You meet Amy, she smiles, but her eyes are always scanning you, assessing, seeing if you can play the game, surprised and pleased when you score a point, feeling you might after all be worthwhile. It is not a relaxing way to live."

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