01/08/2015 09:20 EST | Updated 03/10/2015 05:59 EDT

Bubble soccer arrives in Yellowknife

Amanda Grobbecker of Jump A Bunch Fitness in Yellowknife says all it took was a friend who showed her a YouTube video and she was hooked on bubble soccer.

“That night we had a plan and the next day I was emailing companies to order bubbles,” she says.

In bubble soccer, players wear large, plastic balls that create a protective shell around the upper body. The bubble is worn like a backpack, with straps over the shoulders and hand grips in the front. The head is left exposed, and the bubble comes down to the knees.

On Wednesday, Grobbecker took some of her equipment to William McDonald Middle School for a test run, with hilarious results.

- On mobile? Click here to watch bubble soccer at William McDonald Middle School

“We started playing some human bowling just for fun then got into some soccer games.”

Grobbecker says the weight of the bubbles takes some getting used to. Adult bubbles weight about nine kilograms while the slightly smaller ones for youth are about seven kilograms.

But she says so far, even people who don’t normally enjoy soccer have enjoyed bubble soccer.

Asked whether there’s any fitness reason for using bubbles to play the game people have enjoyed with far less equipment, Grobbecker just laughs.

“No particular reason why, really,” she says. “This just kind of fit into  my randomness of things that I like to do.”

But she says, it’s a great workout.

The CBC’s Shannon Scott gave it a whirl, with impressive results.

- On mobile? Click here to watch the CBC's Shannon Scott try a bubble

How? When?

Jump A Bunch Fitness is offering bubble soccer at the Fieldhouse on Sundays at 5:30 p.m. for those over 18 at a cost of $6.50 (or free with Flexipass) and $10 for bubble rental.

Youth aged 13-17 can give it a try on Thursdays at 5 p.m. starting Jan. 14 for $5.50 (or free with Flexipass) plus a $5 bubble rental