01/08/2015 12:16 EST | Updated 01/08/2015 12:59 EST

Parents Give Their Kids The Sex Talk In Hilarious Video

You'd think parents would find giving the "birds and the bees" talk awkward, but as it turns out, the kids are probably more uncomfortable.

In this video from, parents explain to their children how babies are made, with the help of a whiteboard and some interesting analogies.

First, the adults try to discover what the kids already know about sex and reproduction. The answers range from wildly inaccurate to, well, almost spot-on.

"Sperm, egg, collide, blah blah blah" is Chase's response to his surprised dad.

The pupils show less enthusiasm when they're told how the process actually works. Many are downright disgusted.

You can watch their funny reactions in the video above.


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