01/08/2015 02:34 EST | Updated 05/15/2015 05:59 EDT

UVic Parking Warning Is Oh So Vancouver Island

They say island life makes you more relaxed, more easygoing. Such is the case for one forgiving University of Victoria (UVic) parking officer, at least.

When a frazzled student was late for a midterm, he or she left a note on the car explaining why it was parked in a reserved spot.

"Please please please don't give me a ticket!!" the note reads. "I was late for my midterm and there is NO parking anywhere :'(

Good karma :)"

Apparently it worked. The student returned to the car to find not a ticket, but a warning. Because #Victoria.

A 2013 image of the note and corresponding warning resurfaced on reddit this week, racking up views and showing the rest of the Internet just how ... Canadian we Canadians are.


UVic parking and transportation manager Patrick Seward told Global News that they never recommend students leave notes on their dashboards. “However, from time to time, our officers will give out warnings and not tickets with dollar amounts attached to them," he said.

Excuse us while we all go move to the island.

(H/T Vancouver Reddit)

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