01/08/2015 03:39 EST | Updated 03/10/2015 05:59 EDT

William Shatner to cross U.S. on Rivet, a custom steampunk motorcycle

In a move worthy of Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner has started a company to create custom futuristic steampunk motorcycles — and will ride his own machine from Chicago to Los Angeles later this year to promote the brand.

Shatner posted a link to the new company's website on his Facebook page.

"Excited about my partnership with American Wrench in forming Rivet Motors," the post reads. "This is the cycle of the future."

Rivet is described as "a machine as distinguished and iconic as the man himself."

A video of Shatner in consultation with the designers at bike company American Wrench, shows the Canadian actor creating more than a few design challenges for the team, insisting the bike should seat two, and have a full canopy.

In a scene worthy of the TV show The Office, the designers express disbelief as the chief designer intones regretfully, "I committed to the canopy."

The whole idea for Rivet apparently came about by chance, after someone from American Wrench met Shatner in an autograph line and suggested the actor, who is a well-known motorcycle afficionado, have a bike custom built.

A week later, Shatner was having lunch with Kevin Sirotek, vice-president of parent company Illinois Autograph Electric, and the concept was cemented.

"Being able to start a business with Bill on that is pretty cool," Sirotek told Motor Trend.