01/09/2015 08:57 EST | Updated 01/09/2015 10:59 EST

Bill Cosby Protesters Rise Up Inside Hamilton Theatre: Reports

A protest broke out inside the Hamilton theatre where comedian Bill Cosby performed on Friday night.

Cosby wasn't long into his concert at the Hamilton Place Theatre when approximately ten people stood up holding signs, blew whistles and chanted, "We believe the women," according to National Post reporter Richard Warnica.

A video captured at the concert shows Cosby standing up as people whistle and chant. The comedian can be heard saying, "Stop, stop, let them, let them, let them, stop."

Eventually the noise dies down and the audience cheers and applauds.

"Now we are going to continue with our show," Cosby says on the video. Then the crowd cheers and claps again.

One more person can then be heard saying, "You're a piece of shit."

Cosby responds, "Stop, no, no, don't do this."

The person then calls him a piece of shit again, and Cosby says, "Stop, it's all right. Stop. Calm."

"You're a piece of shit" and "we believe the women" are then heard once more, to which another audience member responds, "innocent until proven guilty." Scattered applause follows.

Through it all, Cosby continues to say, "Stop." Another member of the audience then says, "We love you bill," and people clap and cheer again.

Then a woman is heard saying, "our product is steel, our strength is people." Members of the audience laugh when she says this. Cosby raises his hands in an effort to calm down the audience and again says, "stop."

"All right the security will, please, they've had their say, if we can calm please, let them out," the comedian says at the end of the video.

CBC News reporter Samantha Scraggs estimated the number of protesters was eventually estimated at around 30 people.

Cosby, 77, has been accused of drugging several women and sexually assaulting them.

The Hamilton protest came one night after Cosby joked that, "You have to be careful about drinking around me" at his show in London, Ont.

A protester was also kicked out during the comedian's set after calling him "a rapist," according to CBC's Angie Seth on Thursday.

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