01/09/2015 10:13 EST | Updated 03/11/2015 05:59 EDT

Mars warmer than parts of Canada, U.S.

The Mars Curiosity Rover had a warmer day on Mars yesterday than most Canadians and Americans in the northern U.S.

"It will be colder than @MarsCuriosity's location in Gale Crater throughout much [of] the northern U.S. and Canada today," a tweet from Mars Weather, an account with updates from a weather instrument on board the rover, read Thursday.

On Thursday, Mars reached a high of –8 C at the Gale Crater.

While some 3.5 billion years ago Mars may have had a similar climate to Earth, the planet is now very cold, NASA says. In the summer, the Curiosity Rover could experience a high of 20 C if located near Mars's equator, or a low of 

But, that didn't stop the Gale Crater from being cozier than most of Canada on Thursday.

During the day, many Canadians experienced temperatures in the –20s C range, according to the Weather Network. In some places, the temperature felt like –40 C or colder with the wind chill.

These extreme temperatures are expected to stay for several days.

On Friday, Environment Canada issued extreme cold warnings for parts of Alberta and southern Quebec.