01/09/2015 06:00 EST | Updated 03/11/2015 05:59 EDT

#New2MTL: Choosing peace of mind

Noushig Avakian Mouradian and her family celebrated Armenian Christmas this week — their first in Montreal. 

Mouradian left Syria in 2012 to seek medical treatment in Turkey for one of her two sons. At the time, she and her husband had intended to return to Syria.

But as the situation in their home country deteriorated, that plan changed. 

"Everyone wants to feel safe and everyone wants to live in peace...I thought there is no peace, no safety in Syria. So I decided to [leave]."

Every day this week, CBC's Daybreak introduced a new Montrealer who packed up and moved across borders.

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Choosing Montreal made sense for Mouradian because she had relatives already living in Quebec.

She's a medical doctor with 20 years experience and hopes to one day practice medicine here. For now, she's focusing on learning French. Her goal is to be speaking French within six months.

"I'm a dreamer you know but I want to have realistic dreams. Yes, we can work hard and have a good life in Canada, in Quebec." 

Her two sons say it's tough to make friends but they are adjusting to life in Montreal. They both love hockey and are learning to skate.

Shari Okeke will have more about the Mouradian family's experience in Montreal on Daybreak at 7:15am