01/09/2015 06:51 EST | Updated 03/11/2015 05:59 EDT

Pedro the Cat campaign worries Humane Society

The Toronto Humane Society says its name has been linked to a fundraising campaign it did not endorse, and on Friday expressed concern that supporters of Pedro the Cat might not know where their money is going. 

The crowdfunding campaign on the site IndieGoGo was started by Mandi Howard after she said she saw a little kitten thrown from a moving car on Hwy. 427.  

The campaign raised nearly $10,000 to cover "medical costs." It mentions that Pedro, also known as "The 427 Kitten," is being cared for at the Toronto Humane Society for broken bones and other injuries. 

THS called police when donors started calling, asking for tax receipts. 

"The Toronto Humane Society was in no way connected to the IndieGoGo campaign," said executive director Barbara Steinhoff. 

THS says it doesn't want the cash — it's already covered Pedro's costs — and worries donors may not know where their money is going. 

Police say they have no reason to investigate because the money is still with IndieGoGo.

Surplus earmarked for charities

Howard's lawyer, Camille Labchuk, says any surplus from the campaign was earmarked for animal rescue charities. 

She said she hopes the situation with THS is a "misunderstanding."

"Things seem to have gotten out of hand," Labchuk said. 

Howard's supporters say she's been given a bad name, and allege THS is barring her access to the cat. 

THS maintains Howard can adopt Pedro, and, in fact, she's at the top of the list to do so. She'll just have to pay a $60 adoption fee.