01/10/2015 02:38 EST | Updated 03/12/2015 05:59 EDT

After misleading announcement last year, NY City confirms Lampard has now signed MLS contract

Frank Lampard has finally signed his Major League Soccer contract to play for New York City FC.

NYCFC confirmed to The Associated Press on Saturday that earlier this week Lampard signed a two-year contract to start in July — midway through the new team's first season in MLS.

The announcement followed the AP detailing repeated misleading public statements from NYCFC and partner club Manchester City about Lampard's status.

NYCFC stated last July that Lampard signed a two-year contract to start in August 2014. Within two weeks, Man City said the former Chelsea midfielder was returning to the Premier League on "loan," having previously categorically ruled out playing for another English club.

But after the Man City stay was extended Dec. 31 until June, it emerged that Lampard was in fact on a permanent deal in England.