01/11/2015 12:59 EST

Vancouver Man Tried To Kidnap Baby From Stroller: Police

A man is in police custody after he allegedly tried to kidnap a baby from a stroller in a Vancouver grocery store.

The man entered Donald's Market on Commercial Drive on Saturday just before noon and "attempted to forcefully take an infant from a stroller," said police in a news release.

The woman taking care of the child struggled with the man, and a customer came to her aid. They managed to free the baby from the man's grip.

The child was not hurt.

The man left the store and started walking on Commercial Drive. Moments later, he approached a different baby in a stroller and began to "verbally threaten" the nine-month-old child, said police.

Concerned citizens got the man away, and he was arrested by police.

The Vancouver man, 61, is facing charges of attempted kidnapping, assault, and uttering threats.

"Investigators are attempting to establish a motive for the offences. Detectives do believe that the suspect's mental health may have played a role," said the news release.

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