01/12/2015 18:03 EST | Updated 03/14/2015 05:59 EDT

Arjunpal Khattra, 7, awarded for bravery in helping save his dad

When Gogi Khattra inadvertently plunged to the bottom of a Markham, Ont., well late on a Saturday night last November, he was worried that his six-year-old son could end up beside him.

"I shouted out to him to stay away from the well," Khattra said Monday, about two months after he found himself stuck in the well on a property near 9th Line and 14th Avenue.

His son, Arjunpal, who turned seven last week, told him that he could help out his dad.

The Grade 1 student didn't panic and started out on a quest to find some help.

He started off trying to wave down drivers who were passing by, but no one would stop for him.

Then he went door to door and ended up knocking at the home of Kamil Battikha.

"I could hear this kid saying: 'My father fell in a hole,'" Battikha told CBC News on Monday.

A call was made to 911 and emergency responders were able to get to the well and extricate Arjunpal's dad.

Arjunpal received a special award of bravery on Monday from York Regional Police.

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