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No Pants Skytrain Ride 2015 Sees Record Turnout

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No pants, no problem.

Hundreds of people turned out once again for the now-annual No Pants SkyTrain Ride on a relatively balmy 7 C Sunday afternoon.

New York's Improv Anywhere started the No Pants Subway Ride in 2002 and silly event has since expanded to cities including Shanghai, Istanbul and Adelaide, Australia.


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Each year, participants gather at a certain time, get on the SkyTrain, then keep a straight face as they remove their pants (or skirts, or shorts etc.), and act as if it's completely normal to be riding transit in their underwear.

“It’s a celebration of silliness,” organizer Larry Piche with Vancouver's Improv Anywhere told Global News.

Piche said this year's record turnout of 250 pantsless riders doubled last year's total of 120, according to The Vancouver Sun.

However, hundreds more spectators crowded the Commercial-Broadway station. TransLink staff had to help regular SkyTrain users on the trains and at the station navigate the logjam of No Pants people.

Piche said there may need to be more than one starting point in the future, reported the Sun.

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