01/12/2015 11:26 EST | Updated 03/14/2015 05:59 EDT

Power problem at transit hub halts Vancouver SkyTrains during morning commute

VANCOUVER - A temporary electrical issue at downtown Vancouver's transit hub has caused delays for passengers during their morning commute.

SkyTrains were being turned around at Stadium-Chinatown station before making it to their last three stops downtown for about an hour and a half on Monday.

Metro Vancouver's transit authority says a power problem at Waterfront Station was to blame for system-wide delays on the Expo and Millennium train lines that began at about 6:40 a.m.

A bus bridge was set up to shuttle people between Stadium-Chinatown, Granville, Burrard and Waterfront, but there was still a significant backup during the already-busy morning rush.

TransLink is warning passengers to expect heavier-than-normal passenger loads as the backup clears.

The Canada Line was not affected. (CKNW, News 1130)