01/12/2015 09:23 EST | Updated 03/14/2015 05:59 EDT

Tag and tow moves into midtown Toronto

Toronto police were tagging and towing vehicles in midtown on Monday that weren't parked where they were supposed to be during rush hour.

Police were patrolling along St. Clair Avenue and Eglinton Avenue today, looking for people who were parked in spots that are prohibited for use during rush hour.

Sgt. Brett Moore told CBC Toronto that the rules have been in effect for a long time and the public has been warned about the current thinking on enforcement.

His advice to drivers?

"Just pay attention to the signs, that's it," Moore said.

The same approach was applied in downtown Toronto last week, with police towing more than 300 vehicles and tagging more than 2,000 vehicles in a five-day period.

Police say that tag and tow is an approach they will be sticking with.

"This isn't going to end," Moore said earlier in the day.

Mayor John Tory has pushed for greater enforcement of illegal rush hour parking, in a bid to fight gridlock.