01/13/2015 12:11 EST | Updated 03/15/2015 05:59 EDT

Alain Magloire told police 'go ahead and shoot,' inquest hears

One of the police officers involved in the fatal shooting of Alain Magloire said she thought she might die that morning. 

Jeanne Bruneau testified at the coroner's inquest into the death of Magloire, a 41-year-old Montreal homeless man who died after being shot four times by police in February 2014.

Testifying this morning, Bruneau said she and her partner came across Magloire on Ontario Street in Montreal's downtown, after receiving a call from dispatchers about a man armed with a hammer walking on nearby Saint-Denis Street.

When they stopped their vehicle near Magloire, Bruneau said she yelled from the passenger seat for him to drop a hammer he was holding. She testified he swung it at her head, barely missing.

The officer said she thought Magloire was trying to kill her, and for a moment she thought she was about to die.

She told the inquest she yelled at him several times to drop the hammer or she'd have to shoot.

The officers were out of their cruiser at that point.

Magloire replied in French saying, "Go ahead and shoot... I don't give a f--k," according to Bruneau. 

She said Magloire was shot as he was about to strike an officer with the hammer. 

The inquest began on Monday and is expected to last two weeks.