01/13/2015 06:13 EST | Updated 03/15/2015 05:59 EDT

Back to the Future lives on in Burlington man's driveway

It all started years ago, when an eight-year-old Ken Kapalowski first saw Back to the Future and laid eyes on the time-travelling Delorean that features prominently in the classic 1985 movie and its two sequels.

"When I saw it coming off the truck in the movie, I was like — I want that car," Kapalowski told CBC News in an interview.

As a grown-up, he's essentially made that happen.

Kapalowski has created a driveable replica of the Delorean, complete with a model of the so-called "flux capacitor" — the memorable term used to describe a part of the vehicle in the movie.

It's clear that Kapalowski has paid attention to the details, during the 12 years he spent working on his project.

"Eight of those 12 years was getting the time machine conversion done and the big bulk of that was actually sourcing what the parts are, because I didn't want to just bolt calculators and computer parts onto the car, I wanted to make sure I found the exact part that they used in the movie," he said.

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