01/13/2015 17:45 EST | Updated 03/15/2015 05:59 EDT

Claudine Sleik seeks time limit on tethering dogs in Kamloops

Animal advocate Claudine Sleik is asking the City of Kamloops to put a limit on the length of time a dog is allowed to be tied-up outside.

"Dogs are very social creatures and they need companionship and they need to be part of their pack, so chaining them outside for long periods of time is really a form of animal cruelty," she told Daybreak Kamloops' Shelley Joyce.

The bylaw Sleik is proposing would apply to outdoor spaces within the city, including private yards.

"I think a short term, monitored tethering is acceptable," she said, giving the example of someone gardening with their dog tied nearby.

"What I don't like to see is when people tie up their dog and they leave for the day. There's no monitoring done. You don't know if things are going okay in the yard."

Sleik volunteers with local group called Habitat for Hounds Kamloops. She said in her advocacy work she does see many dogs left tied up alone outside for long stretches of time.

Sleik wrote a letter to the city, which is on the agenda for tonight's council meeting. 

To hear the full interview with Claudine Sleik, click the audio labelled: Kamloops animal lover wants bylaws around dog tethering.