01/13/2015 05:34 EST | Updated 03/15/2015 05:59 EDT

Dalhousie dentistry women in Facebook scandal sought in police appeal

Female dentistry students at Dalhousie University who were the targets of misogynistic Facebook posts are being asked to come forward by Halifax police in order to determine if there has been any criminal wrongdoing.

The police are trying to establish if any of the posts on the Class of DDS 2015 Gentlemen Facebook group contravene the Criminal Code.

In one of the posts in the group, male students voted on which female classmate they'd like to have "hate" sex with and joked about using chloroform on women. In another post, a woman was shown in a bikini with the caption, "Bang until stress is relieved or unconscious."

Police in Halifax made a formal request to Dalhousie University to see the offending Facebook posts, which were taken down shortly before CBC News broke this story last month.

Const. Pierre Bourdages said the university denied the request on Tuesday, citing privacy reasons.

A university spokesperson said later that there was a "misunderstanding" and Dalhousie will co-operate with police.

"Of course, Dalhousie will share the requested information with Halifax Regional Police in compliance with the law," said a statement from Brian Leadbetter, a spokesman for the university.

Bourdages said police have not received complaints from any of the people involved in the controversy, although he said police have heard from members of the public calling for an investigation.

"We want to be able to speak with these women and we want to be able to determine if there's any indication of criminal wrongdoing," he said.

Bourdages said police would meet with the women privately and would not divulge their identities.