01/13/2015 08:51 EST | Updated 01/13/2015 08:59 EST

The Hottest Guys On The 2015 Golden Globes Red Carpet

To be sure, the ladies at the 2015 Golden Globes were stunning.

We saw starlets such as Jennifer Aniston, Amal Clooney, Emma Stone and Jennifer Lopez light up the red carpet Sunday night but there were plenty of hot guys who also stole our attention away from the women.

Let us introduce you to them:

The yummy Jamie Dornan

jamie dornan

The impeccable Benedict Cumberbatch

benedict cumberbatch

The king of the world, George Clooney

george clooney

The cutie pie John Legend

john legend

The super fly Common


The beautiful Matt Bomer

matt bomer

The mustachioed Colin Farrell

colin farrell

The ruggedly handsome Jake Gyllenhaal

jake gyllenhaal

The dapper Eddie Redmayne

eddie redmayne

The tanned Channing Tatum

channing tatum

Jared "RIP Man Bun" Leto

jared leto

The sexy beast Clive Owen

clive owen

David "Shiny Suit" Oyelowo

david oyelowo

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