01/13/2015 06:41 EST | Updated 03/15/2015 05:59 EDT

Hockey legend Guy Lafleur says Crown and cops humiliated him and his family

MONTREAL - Former Canadiens superstar Guy Lafleur told a court Tuesday that he felt horrible and humiliated after being served with an arrest warrant in 2008.

Lafleur took the stand for the first time in the legal proceedings he initiated against the Crown and Montreal police.

He is seeking more than $2 million for what he claims was an unjustified and exaggerated arrest when the Crown deemed he had given contradictory testimony in 2007 during criminal proceedings for his son Mark Lafleur.

Guy Lafleur, 63, was found guilty in 2009 before the conviction was overturned on appeal a year later.

The hockey giant testified in Quebec Superior Court that his wife lost her voice and stayed in bed for six months after being devastated by his arrest in 2008.

Lafleur told Judge Andre Wery a police officer threatened to arrest him in front of his neighbours.

During the criminal proceedings on sex charges for his son, Lafleur only mentioned during his second court appearance that Mark twice spent a weekend night in a hotel with his girlfriend, when Mark was allegedly under a court-ordered curfew.

Police accused Lafleur of trying to mislead the court, however, Lafleur's lawyer says that court documents prove Mark was never required to return home at night.

Lafleur had been seeking more than $3.5 million but has reduced the amount to $2.16 million.

His testimony continues Wednesday.