01/13/2015 10:44 EST | Updated 03/15/2015 05:59 EDT

Kenrick Whitney, former Richmond Mountie, makes emotional court appearance

A former Richmond, B.C. Mountie and B.C. Lions member will have to wait to next month to hear his sentence for breach of trust.

Kenrick Whitney will be sentenced on Feb. 23 and could end up with a criminal record after he stole $650 while he was on duty. The charges of theft under $5000 were dropped, but he pleaded guilty last year to breach of trust.

An emotional Whitney made a court appearance on Tuesday and said he was dealing with severe depression at the time of the crime. 

"I didn't feel in control of my emotions, I thought I could handle anything, I thought I couldn't show weakness," Whitney said, reading from a letter in court.

"I have brought shame to myself. I am sincerely and greatly remorseful."

While the Crown is asking for 18 months probation, his lawyer Maegan Richards is asking for a discharge and community service.

"The punishment from the court would pale in comparison to the torture he has been through in the last two years," Richards said.

Whitney's post-football policing career has been checkered.

He was an RCMP officer for 17 years but he was suspended by the RCMP in February 2014 without pay. He then resigned from the force in August and is running a fitness club in Surrey, B.C.

In 2003, Whitney pleaded guilty to assault after slapping a man for taking the parking spot he wanted. He was discharged and received no criminal record from that offence, but was ordered to serve 25 hours of community service and fined two days of pay. 

Then in 2007, he found himself in trouble again when an RCMP adjudication board found Whitney guilty of disgraceful conduct for swearing at another driver and spitting in his face.