Mint, New Breath Tracker, Will Tell You How Badly You Need One

The makers of Breeze -- a connected take on the traditional gadget that lets you know if it's a good idea to get behind the wheel or not should your recent consumption of alcohol leave you wondering -- have now set out to patrol stinky breath.

Called Mint, it looks like Breeze and works similarly, for all it takes is a puff in the pipe of the droplet-shaped gadget and the corresponding app lets you know if it's a good idea to face the world without a minty swish.

Should this not be the case, the app explains politely "you need a mint" and tells you just how badly by giving you a Mint Score of between one and five, one being the least tolerable for those downwind of your mouth.

That's not all; it tracks your hydration, too, letting you know when it's time to drink up if thirst and common sense aren't doing the job.

The team at Breathometer channeled their expertise into measuring breath quality by patrolling volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs), which indicate halitosis.

Their device also measures moisture levels in the mucus membrane, which provides the information on hydration.

Breathometer launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the gadget on January 4 and at press time -- just five days later -- it's blown past its goal of raising $25,000, currently sitting on over $35,000.

Mint can be preordered for $99 with delivery expected in August.

Orders outside the US and Canada cost $149, which includes shipping.

Breathometer's first product, Breeze, is available now for $99.

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