01/14/2015 05:16 EST | Updated 01/14/2015 05:59 EST

22 Minutes Ruthlessly Mocks Thomas Mulcair's Pain

NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair has been saying goodbye a lot lately.

In December, his former caucus chair Glenn Thibeault announced he would run for the Ontario Liberals in a Sudbury byelection. The move was seen as a big blow to Mulcair and Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath.

The next day Thibeault, who had the NDP leader by his side when he was nominated to run again in the next federal election, wouldn’t say if he wants Mulcair or Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau to win.

The defection marked the sixth time since 2011 that an NDP MP called it quits to join another party or sit as an independent. MP Manon Perreault was also suspended from caucus last year after she was charged with public mischief.

Last week, veteran MP Yvon Godin, who has represented the New Brunswick riding of Acadie-Bathurst for 17 years, announced he’s not running again. News of Godin’s retirement came just weeks after deputy NDP leader Libby Davies declared she won’t seek re-election either.

Other senior MPs like Jean Crowder and Joe Comartin have also said they won’t run again either, and Olivia Chow quit last year to run unsuccessfully for Toronto mayor.

While there are other longtime Conservative and Liberal MPs who are also retiring, the perception that NDP MPs may be eyeing the door is not the best look for a party hoping to form government in eight months.

Enter, “This Hour Has 22 Minutes.”

On Tuesday, the popular comedy show provided a hilarious glimpse at what a Mulcair pep talk to his caucus might look like these days. In the video above Mulcair, played by Mark Critch, tries to rally the troops despite MP after MP interrupting him to hand in resignation letters.

“We were once in third. We rose to second. And there’s no place left to go but… back to third,” he says.

Making matters worse, the show took another little dig at Mulcair on Twitter Wednesday.

It’s no wonder Mulcair reacted this way last Thursday when Critch tweeted that he was getting ready to play the NDP leader.

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