01/14/2015 07:24 EST | Updated 03/16/2015 05:59 EDT

Will Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair Testify? Judge To Decide Today

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TORONTO, ON - AUGUST 14: Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair held a press conference at police HQ Thursday afternoon where he accepted Doug Ford's apology over comments that the police Chief deemed to be lies. August 14, 2014 (Lucas Oleniuk/Toronto Star via Getty Images)
A judge is expected to rule today on whether Toronto's police chief and his former deputy must testify at a senior officer's
disciplinary hearing.

Lawyers for complainants at Supt. David Fenton's hearing argued Monday that it's vital Chief Bill Blair explain his involvement in Fenton's decision to order mass arrests during the G-20 summit in 2010.

But counsel for Blair and former deputy Tony Warr say their evidence would be irrelevant and that the police chief could not be compelled to appear.

Fenton has pleaded not guilty to five Police Services Act charges stemming from two "kettling" incidents that occurred over the summit weekend.

The incidents resulted in the largest peacetime arrests in Canadian history.

Fenton has said his superiors were fully aware of the manner in which he had ordered the arrests, had not stopped him and noted that Blair thanked him for "saving the city."

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