01/14/2015 09:10 EST | Updated 01/14/2015 09:59 EST

27 Faye Dunaway Photos That Prove She's A Fashion Bad-Ass

Academy Award winner, movie superstar and classic beauty: Faye Dunaway is an icon for the ages.

The actress has also been a part of the most iconic fashion moments in the movies, from her famous beret, scarf and sweaters in "Bonnie & Clyde" to her sophisticated wardrobe in "The Thomas Crown Affair."

Faye, who turns 74 on Jan. 14, is also as elegant off-screen as she is in film. Not only did she make menswear a thing before Diane Keaton but she also brought back a modern sexiness to the red carpet during a time when big ballgowns were in vogue.

To celebrate her birthday, we take a look at some of her most fashionable moments.