01/14/2015 06:27 EST | Updated 03/16/2015 05:59 EDT

Power issues persist after fire at Scarborough highrise

A two-alarm fire knocked out power in a Scarborough highrise yesterday and residents have been told it may not be fully restored for days.

A generator has been hooked up to the building at 2550 Pharmacy Ave., which has allowed some of the lights to come back on.

But the elevators are still out of service. And some residents remained without heat or power in their apartments as of supper hour on Wednesday.

Ilena George, a caregiver, said that she works with a woman in her 90s who lives on the 17th floor.

Because of the power issues, they had to use the stairs to get where they needed to go on Wednesday.

"We took our time," she said. "There's some other elderly people that are in the building and they all took the stairs."