01/14/2015 12:10 EST

Rick Mercer: In Canada, We Write Letters When We're Offended

Rick Mercer likes to think he would be willing to die for the right to offend. He's thankful that in Canada he doesn't have to.

That's the message of Mercer's rant on the attacks in Paris that have shocked the world and provoked a fierce debate over the limits of free speech.

Mercer, for one, seems firmly on the side of the cartoonists. Cartoonists like the Halifax Chronicle Herald's Bruce MacKinnon, whose cartoon on the death of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo captured an entire nation's pain.

MacKinnon, for his part, has already drawn two cartoons about the events in France.

Mercer says he can't put his feelings about Paris into words. But he's thankful cartoonists like Bruce MacKinnon have the freedom to do it for him.

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