01/14/2015 03:34 EST | Updated 03/16/2015 05:59 EDT

Toby Jackson faces $300 in fines for feeding Kamloops crows

Toby Jackson has been fined $300 for "creating a nuisance" after feeding the crows in his Kamloops neighbourhood.

Jackson said he became interested in crows after watching the documentary A Murder of Crows on CBC Television's The Nature of Things, and learning about how smart the animals are.

"I noticed there's a few crows around, so I thought I'd start saying hello to them by giving them a few peanuts as I walk along," he told Daybreak Kamloops' Shelley Joyce.

"As I've been doing it, I've discovered that on my little walk there's three families I come across, so I'm learning bits about what kinds of areas they live in and how they recognize people."

He said even when he was out on a bike, the crows recognized him, and followed him.

"I regard them as friends, they come quite close."

Jackson said a neighbour complained. While there is no by-law in Kamloops specific to feeding birds, but there is a by-law against attracting the animals to a property where they can create a nuisance.

Jackson was fined twice under than by-law for a total of $300.

"The reason why that's there, is by feeding birds, it can disturb the neighbours. It can also attract wildlife that can be dangerous to the community, such as bears," said John Ramsey, the by-law supervisor for the City of Kamloops.

Jackson said he plans to fight the fines.

"The by-law says you shouldn't attract birds to a property where it can cause a nuisance, and my whole argument is I'm not attracting them to a property, I'm attracting them to me."

Jackson will be in court on Jan. 29 to dispute the ticket. 

In the meantime, he's stopped feeding the birds.

To hear more about why Toby Jackson started feeding the crows, click the audio labelled: Kamloops man fined $300 for feeding crows.