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How To Wear Winter Coats From Our Favourite Movies

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In case you haven’t noticed (that you are already partially frozen), it’s winter. And winter calls for both outerwear and enough pop culture references to distract you from our current tundra-centric reality.

Fortunately, that is exactly what’s about to happen now. Sure, we could spend the next couple of months mourning the loss of sunlight and the ability to wear only three layers, or we could look to our best friend, movies, as a guide to coat-wearing, coat-buying, and convincing ourselves we like these stone cold temperatures.

1. "American Hustle" (2013)

This time last year, some of us were a little wrapped up in the leather-and-fur styles of the 1978-era film. And who can blame us? Not only are vintage coats cheaper than the made-for-2014 versions (seriously: a leather car coat with a fur collar goes for about $50 at Value Village), but they're actually warm. Wear them with anything, all the time, and then perform "Live and Let Die" like Jennifer Lawrence herself.

2. "Home Alone" (1990)

The sooner we all get on board with Catherine O'Hara’s not-even-a-little-airport-appropriate style, the sooner we can feel right about continuing to over-romanticize the nineties. Chloé actually channeled the oversize nature of Mama McAllister's outerwear and so did Karen Walker. The best part? There's more than enough room to layer underneath, so go nuts with, well, every article of clothing that will help keep you warm.

3. "Frozen" (2013)

Any chance to sing the praises of a cape, and we're going to take it. Enter: "Frozen" and Anna and Elsa's winter wardrobe (even though admittedly, Anna's got the warmth aspect on lock). Designers like Saint Laurent took the same route this past winter, while DKNY combined cape style with blanket scarves to one-up the vocally-talented princesses. Just maybe avoid wearing them if you're actually spending a lot of time outside. (At least until the spring.)

4. "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles" (1987)

We’re not about to start discriminating coat selection based on gender, especially since John Candy's "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles" parka is so iconic. The best part? Maison Scotch actually got as close to the look as we've seen in recent memory, while Tommy Hilfiger added a little bit of warmth to the vibe with a fur-trimmed hood. Either way, you can also raid your dad's closet for a style that’s similar, then pair with jeans and Sorels for the quintessential Del Griffith aesthetic.

5. "The Shining" (1980)

There ain't no parka like a "Shining" parka 'caus the "Shining" parka is essential in any and all winter-themed lists. True, we didn't see Wendy don the red piece after she better acquainted Danny with the maze outside, but she totally one-ups Jack's winter "vibe" (since he completely loses his mind and is terrifying in every sense of the word, so let's not praise him). Fay put a modern twist on the '80-era classic, while Elie Tahari provided a more dressed-up version (in case you're going someplace other than a remote hotel). Good luck.

6. "Chicago" (2002)

Granted, "Chicago" is interchangeable with Daisy's wardrobe in 2013's "The Great Gatsby," but let's be real: Velma Kelly's feathered coat trumps all. Roberto Cavalli channeled the look (on steroids), while House of Holland took a less conservative twist on the feathered collared (nearly century-spanning) trend. Of course, if you're into thrifting, you can just pick up a midi-length wool coat wherever you'd like, and splurge on a vintage fur (or current faux fur) collar. That way, you'll be both sustainable and on budget.

7. "Stepmom" (1998)

And speaking of wool coats, it's possible to be your best Julia Roberts and to keep it normcore amidst a season of fur, feathers, and leather. Designers like Gucci kept it simple with traditional wool pieces, while chains like Banana Republic restocked their staples, proving that more than 15 years later, you can still be the cool photographer who dared Photoshop a normal guy into a high end fashion shoot.

8. "The Devil Wears Prada" (2006)

Nearly a decade after we heard Miranda Priestly say "That’s all," Andie’s wardrobe is still freakishly on point. Case in point: her white Prada coat that most of us dare not even try on, considering some of us (hello) just spilled apple cider all over their sweats. But if you're daring? Combine the 2006 style with 1970s realness with a coat like Ralph Lauren's. And then insist on walking only if Madonna's "Vogue" is playing in the background.

9. "Anna Karenina" (2012)

Two things: 1) Anna Karenina looked fierce, always; 2) There is no way anyone expects you to literally drench yourself in fur. We mean, it's possible (almost every designer went the Karenina way in some capacity), but we're talking a lot of money and a lot of animals' lives. So instead, shop the sale racks at chains like Topshop, who've got enough faux fur for everybody. (Or: head to any thrift or vintage store and treat yourself to something you’re now recycling.)

10. "While You Were Sleeping" (1995)

Oversize is where it's at (as we mentioned while paying homage to Ms. O'Hara), but adding a gentleman-inspired touch to the style à la Lucy in "While You Were Sleeping" is ultimate mid-nineties realness. Creatures of Comfort picked up on that this season and so did Haider Ackermann. Just remember: the bigger the better, and as is the way with any of the above coats, basically any articles of clothing you own goes perfectly with them.

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